Omron TM14 Collaborative Robot


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The highest load capability in the TM product series

The TM14 collaborative robot features simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities together with the latest safety functionality, all leading to rapid deployment in a huge variety of applications. Having vision identification functionality completely integrated within the collaborative robot platform, provides an easy and intuitive way to achieve robot calibration to work piece or tooling, product selection, 1D or 2D barcodes and a host of other vision applications, delivering a true Industry 4.0 solution.


Built-in Vision System

TM Robot is equipped with a built-in vision system, which integrates into both the hardware and software perfectly, comparing to the add-on vision for robotics that are more time consuming and costly to implement.


Painless Programming

Manage the functions and programming of your TM Robots using the TMflowTM — an innovative, flow-based editing software that allows you to program with simple click-and-drag motions. With TMflowTM, you can create your own cobot projects without any coding.


Force Limiting

Ensure the safety of your workers and any human who gets too close to or interacts with the TM Robot. These cobots stop immediately when they collide with any object, preventing further injury to both human and machine.

Technical Specification: TM14-Technical-Specification


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