Control Techniques Unidrive M200 0.75kW 4.2A 200/240VAC


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Control Techniques Unidrive M200

4.2A – 0.75KW 200VAC Heavy Duty Rating


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Control Techniques Unidrive M200 

4.2A – 0.75KW Heavy Duty Rating

Size 1, 200/240VAC Single Phase

AC/AC (With Internal Choke)

Standard Configuration

Common features (Unidrive M200)
• Open Loop Vector or V/HZ induction Motor Control
• Enhanced Open Loop Rotor Flux Control for induction Motors

Optional features (Unidrive M200)

  • Option modules including SI-Profibus, SI-Ethernet, SI-Devicenet, SI-Canopen, SI-Profinet



For Full Details Refer to the Manufacturers Manual



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