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Cleveland Kidder Cartridge Ultra Metric Side 1T 100N 30mm


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Ultra SCM-1T-100N without kit

Ultra SCM-1T-100N with kit M12

Ultra FLCM-1T-100N with kit FLM-1T

The new family of Cleveland-Kidder® Ultra Line Cartridge-Style Tension Transducers (Load Cells) provide accurate measurement and control of web tension in continuous process machinery applications. These force transducers are easily applied, provide consistent product quality, and are highly responsive for enhanced system performance.

Ultra Line Cartridge-Style Load Cells are modular in design, providing the greatest degree of installation and application flexibility. With heavy duty construction and a low maintenance design, they reduce the necessity of machine modifications while minimizing downtime.

They are ideally suited for lightweight material and thin webs where tight control of tension is required to prevent stretching or wrinkling of the material.

Ultra Line Cartridge-Style Transducers provide better performance than competitive load cells by increasing the operating tension range from 8:1 to 40:1. They also provide more accurate measurement by eliminating electrical disturbances caused by AC drives, servos, and other modern high frequency devices.

  • Increased operating tension range from full Wheatstone bridge transducer design
  • Immune to electrical noise from A.C. motors, servos, relay coils or other electrical disturbances
  • Available from 25lb to 1,000lb (10kg to 450kg) MWF load ratings
  • Variety of mounting kits for convenient installation
  • Easily oriented at any angle – for all web paths
  • Able to measure lower ( light ) tensions
  • Maintains proper tension measurement regardless of changes in ambient temperature
  • Accommodates shaft expansion and shaft misalignment up to 1 degree
  • Corrosion resistant finish and dust seal
  • Built-in overload stops


Transducer Manual Ultra SCM 1T Transducer HBK

Transducer Manual with Kit FLM-1T (Coming Soon)


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